Pastor James J. Barker



  1. Our country was founded by godly Christians and upon Biblical principles. Please listen carefully to these quotes from our founding fathers.
  2. "Almighty and eternal Lord God, the Creator of heaven and earth, and the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ; look down from heaven in pity and compassion upon me thy servant, who humbly prostrates myself before Thee" – George Washington’s prayer at Valley Forge.
  3. "It cannot be emphasized too strongly or too often that this great nation was founded, not by religionists, but by Christians, not on religion but on the gospel of Jesus Christ! For this very reason people of other faiths have been afforded asylum, prosperity, and freedom of worship here" – Patrick Henry.
  4. "So great is all my veneration of the Bible, that the earlier my children begin to read it the more confident will be my hope that they will prove useful citizens of their country and respectful members of society" – John Quincy Adams.
  5. As we study history and see how low our once great nation has sunk, our cry to God is, "Oh, Lord send revival!" Our country is quickly slipping into darkness – the sodomites are raging and very few are speaking out against their disgusting perversions (I commend the SBC for taking a stand against Disney), most of our elected officials defend the horrible murder of babies – The ex-president, the governor of NY, the mayor of NYC, etc., they all support legalized abortion.
  6. My text is II Chron.7:14 and my message is entitled: "AMERICA NEEDS REVIVAL."
    1. Our churches need revival. God says, "If my people…"
      1. Most churches in America today are in bad shape. All of the mainline churches have gone into apostasy. I am speaking of the Episcopalian, Methodist, Lutheran, Presbyterian, and so on. Even many Baptists churches are liberal. For example, those affiliated with the apostate American Baptist Convention are liberal.
      2. It seems like most of these dead liberal churches are all calling women to be their pastors. This is a violation of Scripture (I Tim.2:11,12; 3:1ff).
      3. The worldly and unscriptural charismatic movement, with their weird dreams and visions and phony tongues and healings, is still growing. More and more untaught people are being seduced by this devilish delusion.
      4. Other churches are going hyper-Calvinistic. By the way, I have been informed that some Calvinists are unhappy with my stand on Calvinism. My position is Biblical. If you disagree, feel free to call me and I will gladly explain why I am opposed to hyper-Calvinism, Reformed theology, covenant theology, amillennialism, and all of the other nonsense that is spreading like a plague on Long Island.
      5. Churches that used to be identified as holiness churches now sponsor dances and have ladies wearing pants, men wearing earrings, etc.
      6. We need to pray that God will raise up a standard against all of this confusion. The Bible says, "…shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face…"
      7. Our churches desperately need revival because of all of the worldliness in our churches, the disregard for the Lord’s Day, the low turnout for prayer meeting, the lack of soulwinning, the dozens of inaccurate and blasphemous modern Bible translations – a new one comes out each year, and they are all horrible!
    1. Also, the world needs revival. A revived church puts sinners under conviction.
    2. When sinners get a glimpse of the holiness of God through a revived church, many will repent and get saved. The biggest obstacle to soulwinning today are so-called Christians – weak, worldly, phony-baloney Christians with their rock and roll music and TV and movies and worldly dress styles.
    3. Have you ever noticed how many so-called Christian radio programs are using rock music? Jay Sekelow and Dick Staub immediately come to mind. Hasn’t any one ever told them that rock music is from the devil?
    1. Humility – "shall humble themselves.." People today are proud and haughty. Like the braggart who threw out his chest and proclaimed: "I’m a self-made man." Another fellow replied: "Yes, and a good example of shoddy workmanship!"
    2. Prayer – "and pray, and seek my face." We need to pray for the Holy Spirit (Luke 11:13). We need to pray for more laborers (Luke 10:2). We need to pray for the lost.
    3. Repentance – "and turn from their wicked ways." Radio listener, do you need to repent? Have you been skipping church? Do you watch nasty TV shows and smutty movies? Do you smoke or drink or use bad words? Do you listen to rap "music" or rock and roll or other worldly music? You need to repent.
    4. You need to repent if you are not tithing (Mal.3:7-10), if you are not winning souls (Ezek.3:18,19), if you are not actively involved in a good fundamental church.
    1. God hears from heaven – "then will I hear from heaven."
    2. God forgives sin – "and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land."
    3. God will heal our land but only if we meet the requirements for revival. To be frank, I do not think this is going to happen with more and more churches closing their doors on Sunday nights, many church members skipping prayer meeting, drums and clapping and all sorts of foolishness in the churches, etc.



    1. In 1857, a man named Jeremiah C. Lanphier announced that there would be a prayer meeting at his church on Wednesday, September 23rd at 12 noon. His church was the Fulton Street Dutch Reformed Church in downtown Manhattan.
    2. Although handbills and posters had widely advertised this prayer meeting, no one showed up at noon. Mr. Lanphier was not a pastor, but a layman active in house to house visitation – when was the last time you heard of house to house visitation from a Dutch Reformed church? Anyway, Mr. Lanphier waited and at 12:30 one man arrived. When the meeting ended at 1:00 p.m., six people were present.
    3. Twenty people came the following Wednesday and forty the next, at which time they agreed to begin meeting on a daily basis.
    4. Within a few months, the church was packed out and unable to accommodate the huge crowds that were coming every day for prayer.
    5. By this time twenty other noontime prayer meetings were being held throughout NYC on a daily basis. Shopkeepers were putting up signs on their front doors that said: "CLOSED – BE BACK AFTER THE PRAYER MEETING."
    6. The police and fire departments opened their buildings for prayer services; the Music Hall did likewise. Numerous other churches were overflowing with praying businessmen.
    7. Stories of conversions appeared on the front pages of daily newspapers, such as the New York Tribune, and soon the revival spread out to Philadelphia, Boston, Chicago, and Atlanta.
    8. It has been estimated that during that two-year revival, perhaps as many as one million souls were saved. Saloons were converted into prayer halls; bartenders and grocers rolled out their barrels of beer and wine and poured the dirty swill down the sewers.
    9. The Atlanta police force had to lay off half of its’ policemen because of reduced crime.
    10. The revival spread to our armed services. Four Christian sailors among the one thousand crew members on the warship North Carolina, docked in New York’s harbor, began to pray. The other sailors began to mock them but were soon brought under conviction. Many repented and got right with God. Preachers had to come from the shore to help reap the harvest.
    11. This great revival then moved across the Atlantic Ocean into Ulster and even into the south of Ireland.
    12. Can God do it again? Certainly! Will God do it again? No one can say for sure. But if it is going to happen, it will take men and women who mean business to get on their knees and pray.

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