Pastor James J. Barker

Text: ROMANS 10:13-21


  1. One of the most important verses in the Bible is Romans 10:13. Someone asked Charles Ryrie about this "new teaching" that people can get to heaven without faith in Christ, and Dr. Ryrie said it was not "new" at all.
  2. There have always been people teaching false views regarding salvation, but the Bible is clear: The only way to get saved is through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ (cf. 10:9, 13).
  3. One preacher outlined Romans 10:13 this way:

  1. The broadest possible invitation -- "whosoever."
  2. The easiest possible condition -- "shall call."
  3. The simplest possible supplication -- "upon the name of the Lord."
  4. The greatest possible salvation -- "shall be saved."

  1. As we continue along we will see the importance of getting the Gospel out to all the nations (cf. 10:18).



  1. Verse 13 tells us that salvation through Christ has been provided for all men -- "whosoever" -- therefore it must be proclaimed to all men (10:14). We need more preachers to proclaim it (10:17; cf. I Cor. 1:21).
  2. Modern Christianity has little use for preaching, but the apostolic church spread the Gospel all over the world through preaching.
  3. In the liturgical churches, the pulpit is off to the side, out of the way. The emphasis is on ritual, candles, priests with robes, etc.
  4. Even in many evangelical churches now, the pulpit is being removed.
  5. Paul lays great stress in this chapter upon the spoken word, i.e., the word preached. The word "word" here means ‘spoken word’ (cf. 10:8, 17, 18). In order for the Word of God to be heard, preachers are necessary. By the preacher, the written word becomes the spoken word (cf. 10:14). The Word of God must be preached.
  6. The spoken word is like seed which brings forth eternal life (cf. Luke 8:11). In the parable of the sower, notice over and over the emphasis is on the spoken word (cf. Luke 8:12-15).
  7. In order to be saved, sinners must first hear the Word, and they must keep it (Luke 8:15). "But be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves" (James 1:22).
  8. Matthew 13:23 says, "But he that received seed into the good ground is he that heareth the word, and understandeth it."
  9. But sinners will not get to hear the Word without somebody preaching it. In Revelation 14:6, the Bible says that during the tribulation, God will send an angel down to earth to preach the gospel. But right now He has given that privilege to us.
  10. Over and over in the Bible, the emphasis is on preaching the Word (cf. II Tim. 4:1, 2; Titus 1:3; I Peter 1:23-25). We need more preachers (cf. Matt. 9:37, 38).
  11. There are many people preaching today but the Bible is clear that the preacher must be sent by God (10:15; cf. Isa. 52:7; Nahum 1:15; Isa. 6:8).



  1. It almost seems redundant to have to say this, but much of what passes for preaching today is not real Bible preaching. There are many stories, anecdotes, jokes, illustrations, etc.
  2. Dr. Ryrie criticized what he called "principlizing."
  3. Let us preach the Bible and let us allow the Bible to speak for itself.
  4. This is the only way sinners will get under conviction and get saved.



  1. Paul says, "But they have not all obeyed the gospel" (10:16). The disobedience of lost sinners weighs heavily upon the Gospel preacher. Week after week we preach our hearts out and week after week we see sinners reject the Gospel.
  2. Paul says they will not obey the gospel (10:16). This greatly bothers the preacher (and it ought to bother all Christians), because he knows what will happen to them (cf. II Thess. 1:7-9).
  3. Like the prophet Isaiah, we cry out: "Lord, who hath believed our report?" (Rom. 10:16; cf. Isa. 53:1). The sad answer: not very many.
  4. Now when Isaiah cried out, he was referring to his fellow Jews (Rom. 10:16). And so is Paul (cf. Rom. 10:1). Next Paul goes on to say that the spoken word has gone out to "the ends of the world" (10:18).
  5. Therefore Israel has no excuse. "Did not Israel know?" (10:19).Yes, they were the first to hear the message from God. God provoked them to jealousy by saving Gentiles (10:19). This was prophesied way back in Deut. 32:31.
  6. So more and more Gentiles have turned to Christ, whilst Israel has remained "a disobedient and gainsaying people" (Rom. 10:20, 21; cf. Isa. 65:1, 2).


  1. J. Vernon McGee said this: "Have you ever stopped to think how tiresome it is to hold your hands out for a long period of time? Try it sometime and see how long you can do it. It is one of the most tiring things in the world."
  2. Then Dr. McGee points out that God has been holding out His hands "all day long" to "a disobedient and gainsaying people" (10:21).

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