The Pope Teaches a Counterfeit of Biblical Trinity

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Our new article World Youth Day '08:  Pope Teaches Counterfeit of Biblical Trinity is now posted at:
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The Pope's visit to Australia was widely broadcast on TV and the Internet.  His numerous public appearances were performed with
consummate skill amid magnificent pomp and pageantry.    How adeptly the Pope presented to these spiritually empty young people an aura of
order, of antiquity, and of splendor so unknown in their casual blue jeans world.  But how utterly destructive is the heretical message
that the Pope in the midst of his own glory brings to these poor souls who sit in darkness. A professional DVD on the same flamboyant visit
is also on line at:

I ask that you respond in study and prayer and forward the article and DVD link to others.
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Trusting in the Lord's grace and mighty power,
Richard Bennett

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