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> Greetings broadcasters!
> Just a quick note to let you know that we are currently involved with
> coordinating an exciting new outreach endeavor that we are calling the
> Gospel of John Project. We are working closely with the Trinitarian Bible
> Society (headquartered in London, England) and with an American-based
> postal services company to mail out at least 10,000 copies of the Gospel
> of John to households in New York City. The actual number of copies that
> we hope to mail out will depend largely on the support we receive from
> you, our broadcasters. Much more details will become available as the
> project nears completion, but we hope you will consider helping us in this
> effort.
> The booklet will feature a special NYC-themed cover and the Bible text
> will be in the Authorized Version. All participating churches will have
> their church name, minister name, phone number, and SermonAudio URL
> printed in the inside front cover of the booklet. The cost of
> participation has yet to be determined but we will do our best to give
> special exposure and promotion on the site to all supporting churches.
> We would encourage broadcasters from all over the country (and indeed the
> world) to please consider participating in this project as we believe that
> it will be a source of great interest for the recipients to witness that
> the booklet they hold in their hand was made possible by the support of
> churches worldwide.
> As we are able, our intention is to continue this Gospel of John Project
> over the period of many years and in other major cities across America ...
> Chicago, Los Angeles, Atlanta, San Francisco, etc ... each with its own
> uniquely-themed cover. Our prayer is that over time, and with the
> collective efforts of our broadcasters, we will succeed in scattering the
> Good Seed of the Word of God to a great number of needy households in
> every major city.
> Again, we give special thanks to the Trinitarian Bible Society
> (www.sermonaudio.com/tbs) for their vision and willingness to work with us
> in this exciting new project. More details to come..
> Thank you for your time.
> Sincerely,
> Steven Lee
> Founder, SermonAudio.com