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" Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God." ...... John 3:3

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Mike & Linda Casillas

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    Mike was born in Puerto Rico of missionary parents, was saved at age 14, and called to preach at age 17.  He then came to America where he served two years in the Army before attending Bob Jones University.

    Mike married the former Linda Stitt in 1963.  They have four children; Kathy, Mike Jr., Ken and Kevin.

    Since returning to Puerto Rico in 1965, the Casillas family has established churches, a Christian school, and a Bible College .

    In 1981 Mike obtained a Ph.D. in Christian Mission from Baptist Christian University in Shreveport , Louisiana .

    Mike has preached the gospel in over 20 countries and 30 of the 50 United States.  Presently he is the president and founder of Puerto Rico Baptist College , where students from Puerto Rico , Spain , and several Latin American countries are being trained for the Lord’s work.

    About Puerto Rico *

  • Background: Populated for centuries by aboriginal peoples, the island was claimed by the Spanish Crown in 1493 following Columbus' second voyage to the Americas. In 1898, after 400 years of colonial rule that saw the indigenous population nearly exterminated and African slave labor introduced, Puerto Rico was ceded to the US as a result of the Spanish-American War. Puerto Ricans were granted US citizenship in 1917 and popularly elected governors have served since 1948. In 1952, a constitution was enacted providing for internal self-government. In plebiscites held in 1967, 1993, and 1998 voters chose to retain commonwealth status.
    • Area:    Total:   9,104 sq km

      Land:   8,959 sq km

      Water:   145 sq km

    • Area - comparative:  
      Slightly less than three times the size of Rhode Island

    • Government Type:  

    • Capital:   San Juan

  • Independence:    None (commonwealth associated with the US)

  • Population:   3,885,877 (July 2003 est.)

  • Ethnic groups:   White (mostly Spanish origin) 80.5%, black 8%, Amerindian 0.4%, Asian 0.2%, mixed and other 10.9%

  • Religions:   Roman Catholic 85%,
    Protestant and other 15%

  • * Based on CIA-The World Factbook