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" Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God." ...... John 3:3

Julio & Leonor
Julio and Leonor
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The Torres

Labouring in Mexicali, B.C.

Flag of Mexico

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  • Bible College & Theological Seminary
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Field Address:
Ave. Domingo Arrieta 1303
Colonia Benito Juarez
Mexicali, B.C., Mexico

"Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he will send forth labourers into his harvest." .. Matthew 9:38

About MEXICO *

  • Background: The site of advanced Amerindian civilizations, Mexico came under Spanish rule for three centuries before achieving independence early in the 19th century. A devaluation of the peso in late 1994 threw Mexico into economic turmoil, triggering the worst recession in over half a century. The nation continues to make an impressive recovery. Ongoing economic and social concerns include low real wages, underemployment for a large segment of the population, inequitable income distribution, and few advancement opportunities for the largely Amerindian population in the impoverished southern states. Elections held in July 2000 marked the first time since the 1910 Mexican Revolution that the opposition defeated the party in government, the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI). Vicente FOX of the National Action Party (PAN) was sworn in on 1 December 2000 as the first chief executive elected in free and fair elections.
    • Area:    Total:   1,972,550 sq km

      Land:   1,923,040 sq km

      Water:   49,510 sq km

    • Area - comparative:
      Slightly less than three times the size of Texas

    • Government Type:
      Federal republic

    • Capital:   Mexico (Distrito Federal)

  • Independence:    16 September 1810 (from Spain)

  • Population:    104,907,991 (July 2003 est.)

  • Ethnic groups:    Mestizo (Amerindian-Spanish) 60%, Amerindian or predominantly Amerindian 30%, white 9%, other 1%

  • Religions:    Nominally Roman Catholic 89%, Protestant 6%, other 5%
  • Disputes - International: Prolonged regional drought in the border region with the US has strained water-sharing arrangements.

  • * Based on CIA-The World Factbook