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" Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God." ...... John 3:3

David Encouraged Himself in the Lord

I Samuel 30


         Amalekites are a picture of the flesh

o   Worldly dancing and partying not realizing that judgment is coming

o   Application to many Americans today!

         Seeking counsel from the Lord

         God is our source for encouragement

         Murphyís Law- just when you thought it couldnít get any worse- then comes Ziklag


I.                    Davidís distress

a.      (1Sa 30:1-2) Ziklag is plundered by the Amalekites.

b.      While David and his men were to the north trying to join the Philistine army, their own city of Ziklag was unguarded. The opportunistic Amalekites took advantage of the defenseless city, attacked it and burned it to the ground.

c.       V. 3-6 David and his men arrive only to find the horror of a burned down empty city

d.      Amos 5:19 (lion, bear, snake)- Just when you thought youíve escaped the frying pan, and now youíre in the fire. Have you ever been there?

e.      David is overwhelmed!

f.        Christians are not immune to suffering- Jesus said, ďIn the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.Ē

g.      V. 4- David did not weep only because everything and everyone was lost. He also wept because he knew that he was responsible for it. No wonder David was greatly distressed.

h.      David was under severe pressure- even his own men began to turn on him

i.        V. 4- the temptation to play the blame game during a trial

j.        Trials- does not mean we blame the circumstances or people- even if we have a right to!

II.                  David encouraged himself in the Lord- v. 6

a.      The turning point- trusting in an all-sufficient God- v. 6

b.      This wasnít some kind of cheerleader/ power of positive thinking mumbo jumbo. This was the strength of the living God making itself real in the life and heart of a hurting man. This was strength for recognition, strength for brokenness, strength for repentance, strength for determination to win back what the enemy has stolen. Donít let a trial, or the enemy rob you of joy, peace of mind, and faith in the Lord!

c.       What does it meant to encourage/strengthen oneself in the Lord?

                                                              i.      It does not mean there are quick-fixes and magic fixes for all of our problems

                                                            ii.      It means to first understand God as your God! He had to make the Lord his shepherd!

1.      David could no longer say at this time- my house, my city, or my possessions- but he could still say My God! (sometimes when God is all we have we realize He is all truly need!)

                                                          iii.      I Samuel 23:16- remember Jonathan?

1.      Godly friends/fellowship

2.      Reminder of Godís promises

                                                           iv.      He made use of his access to God!- v. 7-8 the priest!

1.      We havenít heard David speak of God since chapter 26!

2.      He used the sacred Ephod and lots associated with it to find Godís will

3.      We donít have an ephod, or an Abiathar, but we do have Christ who is far better! Heb 4:14-16

d.      ďBring the ephodĒ- David sought God with the help of the priest, almost certainly using the Urim and Thummim that were part of the priestís ephod. An ephod was a special apron that priests would wear, to cover over their clothing

e.      If the Urim and Thummim were discovered today, God would no more bless their use today than He would bless a re-establishment of the Old Testament priesthood. The day for the Old Testament priesthood is past for us today, being perfectly fulfilled in Jesus Christ.

f.        In seeking God through the Urim and Thummim, David was really going back to Godís Word for guidance, because it was the word of God that commanded their place and allowed their use. The application for us today is that if we have the same focus on Godís Word, He will guide us also.

g.      V. 8 When God gives us something to do, He also gives us a promise in the doing.

h.      V. 11-15 In showing unexpected kindness to this Egyptian, God showed David unexpected blessing

i.        V. 11-15-Godís providence- enemy raiders didnít usually leave a calling card to get back in touch!

j.        On promises of immunity from death or extradition this Egyptians servant helps David and his men!

III.                (1Sa 30:16-20) David completely defeats the Amalekites, winning back everything

a.      As they caught the Amalekites in the midst of their victory celebration, David surprised the Amalekites. They figured that all the Philistine and Israelite armies were far to the north, preparing to fight each other.

b.      Davidís success- he recovered everything!

c.       A little providence makes a big difference!

d.      V. 22-23- David recognized Godís grace while dividing the spoils. It did not matter who would get the spoils because God Himself provided the victory.

e.      John III Sobieski, king of Poland in the late 17th century, is best remembered as the man who saved central Europe from invading armies of Turks in 1683. With the Turks at the walls of Vienna, Sobieski led a charge that broke the siege. His rescue of Vienna is considered one of the decisive battles in European history. In announcing his great victory the king paraphrased the famous words of Caesar by saying simply, "I came; I saw; God conquered."

f.        Our success is never really our own (wealth, health, family, employment, etc.)

g.      So we should not be stingy with the spoils of victory!

h.      Regarding victory- ďBrother, you will have to work and labor to extricate yourself from debt and difficulty, and so the Lord will hear your prayer. The rule is to trust in God to smite the Amalekites, and then to march after them, as if it all depended upon yourself.Ē (Spurgeon)

i.        He divides the spoils- v. 22-23

j.        David mends a strained relationship and shares with Judah- v. 26-31


         This is the final step in Davidís getting things right after his time of backsliding among the Philistines.

         Romans 8:17- This is a picture of our salvation- Jesus won the battle, but shares the spoils with us when we get saved! When Jesus triumphed on the cross He won the greatest battle and He had ďspoil to share.Ē